Earning Your Income as an Artist on YouTube

It used to be that YouTube is a place where amateur videographers and vloggers upload their videos as a hobby. That has changed ever since. Thanks to its widespread growth all over the globe, YouTube has now become a venue where you can also earn your income as an artist. You may have heard how a YouTuber who is not yet on their 20s has bought another property out of YouTube money – and that got you scratching your head. You can make money on YouTube? The answer is one resounding YES. And here are some tips on how you can do it, too.

  1. Get started

The content of your YouTube channel is an important factor to consider. Your YouTube content will drive audience to your channel and will make them decide to subscribe and share your videos. If you are serious in wanting to earn money on YouTube, you must first invest in the essential equipment that will make your YouTube videos more professional, such as a high-resolution camera, video editing software, microphone, lighting equipment, and perhaps a backdrop. Also, understand the demographics of your target audience. Knowing who your intended audience are will set the tone of your channel and your videos. A strong YouTube identity will help brands decide whether to work with you or not.

  1. Turn your channel into an advertising platform

Once you have established your channel, you can make money by attracting advertisers to work with you. Basically, you will get paid by advertising brands through your videos. There are several ways to do it:

  • YouTube Partner Program – your videos will be monetized by running ads made and paid by companies or other YouTube users. You will get paid depending on the audience engagement with your videos: either pay per view or pay per click. Read YouTube’s guidelines to find out how to get qualified and how to apply on the site.
  • Affiliate Links – you will actively seek and deal with the advertisers yourself. How affiliate links work is you provide direct links to a company’s shop website or links to specific products and earn a commision per sale. To get into this, you can join affiliate networks or affiliate programs such as the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • Sponsorship Deals – another way that brands can advertise in your YouTube channel is by sponsoring a video. You can feature or mention their brand or their product in the video and you will usually get paid through pay per view. Arrangements with the brands will depend entirely on you.
  1. Sell your products or merchandise

Bank on your YouTube exposure and sell your own products and merchandise. You have the advantage of starting a business now because you already have your audience or your fans as customers. But you can also gain new ones especially if your products or merch are of high quality. Branch out and go beyond YouTube to earn more income.

  1. Make use of crowdfunding

Whether it is for another creative project of yours or other goals like donating to charity, you can branch out of YouTube by starting a crowdfunding. Ask your YouTube subscribers for small amount of donations through the following platforms:

  • Live streaming – YouTube’s own Super Chat allows viewers to give donations to the YouTuber during live stream and live chat. There are other sites with the same features as this, too.
  • Patreon, Ko-Fi, and other similar sites – in exchange of a membership fee, your audience can gain access to your exclusive posts and other rewards.
  • Kickstarter – reach funding goals through this site with the help of your YouTube audience.
  1. License your content

If you happen to start a viral trend or your videos have gone viral and are shared on other media platform, you can license both your content and concept and make money off of the rights. You can also film stock videos which you can sell the rights to media outlets and other YouTube users. YouTubers may rarely go towards this route but it is possible.*