Helping a fellow artist

This is the story of how Sironka helped Liz Jean.  Who Is Elizabeth Jean? She’s an artist. A creative expressionist. An exceptional photographer who uses her Nikon camera as her tool, wielding it to perfection like Thor does his hammer.

Liz grew up in rural Tennessee in a small town called Salusbury, part of Hardeman county. The population is less than 100, so everyone knows each other. Liz loved photography growing up, spending hours on end outside taking pictures of wildlife in the fields and in the woods. At night, she would climb out her bedroom window and walk onto the roof to take pictures of the sunset. Over the course of 37 years, she’s developed quite the portfolio of sunset photos; you should ask her about it. She rarely shares those specific ones because it’s a part of her childhood she clings to.

After high school, Liz pursued school at Purdue, majoring in Fine Arts. This field of study took her all over the country on various trips, and even out of the country on multiple occasions to places like Greece, Italy, Japan, and Australia. In each area she visited, she took pictures of the local wildlife, scenery, and how people lived. Each trip was a week at a time, leaving plenty of room for exploring and photography. Needless to say, she aced all of her arts related classes. Business on the other hand was a challenge because the creativity just wasn’t as important.

In 2017, Liz founded Elizabeth Jean Photography to finally sell her photos and get the recognition she deserved. With a popular Instagram account, booming twitter, and tens of thousands of calendar-quality images to her name, Liz was ready to rock. She launched on Facebook giving away two of her favorite images in return for an email she could use to update people with her latest shots. Her Facebook launch was a huge success, garnering millions of views in the course of 2 days and collecting 1,293 emails for her marketing list.

Today, Liz continues to travel the world taking pictures. She’s outsourced all of the things that prevent her from doing it, such as editing and production. That’s what the rest of her team is for. They take care of the details and finishing touches after she gets amazing photos.

Like Sironka, Liz shares art that transforms you. It broadens the senses and moves you beyond the bounds of your worldly location, transporting you to areas you aren’t.

Sometimes, a photo brings back a memory of a lost loved one and the feelings rush back in. Sometimes, a picture showcases a world you haven’t experienced yet. And finally, sometimes, an image makes you realize everything you don’t want to be a part of. It’s all about creativity. Living on a planet of millions of people, everyone looks for ways to stand out from the crowd, to set themselves apart from the endless minutia of everyday life. Consider what one picture could do to a Tinder profile. It could make that super hot person agree to go out with you. It could convince a future lover that you’re the person they should be with. You could end up finding the love of your life all because of a photo, something so simple that can have the most profound impact.

Think about what a photos can do for remembering someone who is no longer with us. That image freezes time temporarily so that they’re always there. You don’t have to have a mental picture because you can physically see it any time you want. The advent of computers and digital cameras helped out even more. That picture could be a background on a computer if you really wanted it to. A picture taken is a moment in time paused for eternity. Anyone can return to that picture to see that moment over and over again. And, everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. Why write something when you can take a picture that’s capable of showcasing emotion, color, feelings, location, and everything all at once.

Images can also show people what they’re missing out on. Consider a picture from a beach. The sun is out, there are big waves crashing on the shore, beautiful clear green and blue water, lots of voluptuous ladies walking around scantily clad with their tiny bikinis and minimalist bathing suits. You take a picture of these women and send it off to your buddy who is working but has his smartphone with him. He sees the image and immediately feels a sense of missing out. Why couldn’t he be there right now? Oh man, look how gorgeous those women are. Wow, look at that scenery. The photo creates amazing visual stimuli and a tremendous sense of desire that written word just cannot compete with. Even the best writer can’t describe something as well as an image can portray.

Have you ever watched a movie after reading the book? Some people will say they like the book better, but typically that only happens when the movie changes the plot. With the plot the same, the vast majority of people prefer a movie because there’s so much more to stimulate the senses and engage you in the story. Movies can bring it to life. For a little while, you’re there, having been transported to another time or location to be a part of history.